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CVS Series EW Globe Style

The CVS Series EW valve bodies are single port, globe­style bodies with cage guiding, clamped seat rings and push­down­to­close valve plug action.

This series features large end connections and expanded internal flow cavities. The series is available 8 x 6, 10 x 8, 12 x 6 and 12 x 8­inch sizes. The first number refers to the line size, and the second refers to the trim and bonnet size.

There are three body configurations in this design series:

1. Design EWD is intended for general control applications over a wide variety of temperatures and pressure drops.  This design has balanced valve plug with metal­to­metal seating.

2. Design EWS is intended for applications requiring better shutoff capabilities than those suitable for the EWD. This valve uses an unbalanced valve plug with metal­to­metal seating, or optional metal­to­TFE seating.

3. Design EWT is suitable for applications with stringent shutoff requirements. This valve uses a balanced valve plug with metal­to­TFE seating, or metal­to­metal seating for use in higher temperatures.

CVS Series EW Globe Style