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67CFR Air Set Regulator

The CVS Type 67CFR is a versatile pressure reducing supply regulator typically used for pneumatic and electro pneumatic controllers, as well as a wide range of other instrumentation equipment. The maximum inlet pressure of the CVS67CFR is 250 psig, and outlet supply pressure ranges from 0 to 125 psig.

Also available in Stainless Steel Panel Mount

Type 67F & 67FR Filter Regulators

Type 67F and 67FR self-operated aluminum-body filter regulators provide constant reduced pressure in a variety of applications. They commonly are used as supply pressure regulators for pneumatic instruments. A Type 67F or 67FR regulator with cellulose filter removes particles greater than 0.0016 inch (0.040 mm) in diameter. An aluminum-and-brass or stainless steel filter removes particles greater than 0.002 inch (0.051 mm) in diameter.

Type 67FR regulators additionally have integral low capacity relief valves. In these constructions, the valve stem seats against an orifice in the diaphragm assembly. A downstream pressure increase above the set point will move the diaphragm assembly off the valve stem, venting the excess pressure through a hole drilled or tapped in the spring case.

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67CFR Air Set Regulator


  • Superior regulation characteristics
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • Built-in 40 micron filter and dripwell (5601 only)
  • Self-relieving
  • Low droop at high flow
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Low cost