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Shut-Off Pig Valves

TVC Model SHPV is a Shut-Off Pig Valve designed and released in 2011 with the state-of the-art ease-of-use and performance under the severest conditions. The trunnion blockmounted ball valve reduces both torque and stem loading, while adding longer life. The TVC Model SHPV is bi-directional for use as both launcher and receiver, and can be installed with a by-pass where needed.

Shut-Off Pig Valves



• Engineered, manufactured and tested to API 6D

• Industry Standards: API 6D, ASME B16.34 and API 598

• Size range: 2” – 16”

• Pressure Classes: ANSI Classes 150 to 1500

• Temperature range: -50 to 400 deg Fahrenheit

• Materials: LF2, 316 SS, and Exotic Alloys as required

• Seals: HSN, HNBR, James Walker, Viton, Teflon, Devlon Peek or as required



• Positive Shut Off

• Trunnion Block mounted Ball for reduced torque and stem loading

• Large Bearings for smooth robust operation

• Up Stream sealing with automatic downstream cavity relief

• Double Block and Bleed with vent and drain capabilities

• Large button head grease fittings with buried checks

• Emergency seat sealant injection

• Pig Entry Cap with vent

• Pig Entry Cap with hex drive and spanner drive options

• Open and Closed lockable stop plates 2” – 6”

• 6” and larger utilize a body cavity equalization valve

• Large Actuator Mounting Pads and Stems

• Accepts Bullet, Spherical, and Double-Dish pigs

• TVC pigs are fabricated to fit all TVC pig valves.



• Trunnion Block design offers reduced torque and robustness

• Complete Range of Fluid flexibility and compatibility

• Cost savings over conventional pigging systems and skids

• Available as a Launcher, Receiver, or Catcher.

• Forged construction reduces NDE requirements

• Complete selection of pigging systems and accessories