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Series 35D SRM100

The CVS Series 35D SRM 100 Hydraulic Actuator uses a scotch yoke mechanism to convert linear piston motion to a 90 degree rotation. The CVS 35D Series actuator incorporates key materials for construction, such as aluminum drive case, fiber wound cylinders, and do not use brass or bronze components to allow for use in sour gas applications.

The CVS 35D Series actuator is well suited for operating plug, ball, butterfly, dampers and other devices requiring 90o turn rotation. (±40 of additional angle adjustment)

Series 35D SRM100


• Scotch Yoke Mechanism, high
breakaway and reseat torque
• ±40
• Can be used for fail open, or closed
of additional angle adjustment
• Light weight Aluminum Drive Case
• Light weight and durable Fiber
Wound Cylinders
• Standard operating temperature
range: -50oC to +80oC
• Safe reliable spring cartridges to
allow removal for field service
F to +176 F)
• Stainless Steel Stem and Drive Rod
• Fully Serviceable