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Emergency Shut Down (ESD)

The CVS Self Contained Pump provides reliable emergency shutdown when an external power source or fuel gas is not available or not reliable. The unit uses clean hydraulic fluid.

Used in conjunction with a linear or rotary spring return hydraulic operator, the CVS Self Contained Pump is a fail-safe system which is suitable for ball, plug or other quarter-turn valves as well as reverse-acting gate valves or other linear operated valves.

This pump has been proven reliable under the most demanding operating and environmental conditions. It is designed to be the foundation for a flexible sensing and control system, and has built-in temperature compensation and pressure relief.

Generally the module is installed on the operator by CVS Controls at the manufacturing facility, but can also be field installed by the user.

The module can be ordered in pressure configurations from 100 psi to 2250 psi.

Low temperature rating good to -50C.

Emergency Shut Down (ESD)