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  • In- Line Check Valve

    In- Line Check Valve

    The WellMark In-Line Check Valve is for liquid, air, gas, vapor or steam service. It is also suitable for injection lines, such as chemical and lubrication. The standard spring opens with 10 psi flow pressure.

  • 5050 Two-Way Double Seated Valve (Balanced)

    5050 Two-Way Double Seated Valve (Balanced)

    These valves are used where higher flow is desired with little force required to operate. These pilot operated double seated, near balanced, valves perform ideally for this service. Additionally, they have been used successfully on separators, meters, and water knockouts, where a reduced signal pressure is available.

  • 5555 Back Pressure Valve, Double Seated (Balanced)

    5555 Back Pressure Valve, Double Seated (Balanced)

    This unique valve, with its simple and near-balanced double-seated design, along with its history of trouble free operation, has contributed materially to its wide acceptance in the oil industry. Primary application is to hold back pressure on separators, treaters, Lact units, and other accumulators when upstream pressure is required to be kept at a preset range. However, this valve may also be used as a differential valve by utilizing secondary signal pressure, along with spring force on top of the diaphragm, to oppose flow pressure applied to the bottom of the diaphragm.

  • 1010 Fuel Gas Control Valve or Low Pressure Motor

    1010 Fuel Gas Control Valve or Low Pressure Motor

    This valve is used as a fuel gas control valve to feed the pilot on heated separators, treaters, and other similar liquid accumulators, as well as a low pressure, low volume dump valve on oil and gas production separators, compressors, or any type of liquid accumulator.

  • Fuel Gas Shut-Off Valve (FGSV)

    Fuel Gas Shut-Off Valve (FGSV)

    The Fuel Gas Shut-Off Valve is for use in fuel gas scrubbers on gas production units, indirect line heaters, heater treaters, etc.

  • PT 988 Pneumatic Liquid Level Switch

    PT 988 Pneumatic Liquid Level Switch

    WellMark’s PT988 Pneumatic Level Switch is designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections (will work in an API 2″ full coupling) and is excellent for applications where space is a factor. It can be externally caged for vessel isolation and can be used as a high or low level alarm, as well as a liquid level control. In addition, it can be switched from direct to indirect action simply by inverting the unit 180˚. The PT988 features a 3-way snap-acting pilot (0 to full output using 20-30 psi supply pressure) or order it with an optional throttling pilot (3 to 15 psi output with a 20 psi supply pressure).

  • W30 Gauge Valves

    W30 Gauge Valves

    Series W30 Gauge valves are recommended for use with WellMark’s Series W20 Visual Level Indicators and are compatible with all industry standard, armored flat-glass liquid level gauges. Plain/Union and Union/Union connections make for easy installation and removal.