Company Overview

Pro-Flo is a distributor of technical flow control products, including specialty gate valves, control valves, ball valves and relief valves. Pro-Flo supplies newly manufactured and remanufactured equipment to customers throughout the US.  By sourcing the highest quality products with optimal lead times, Pro-Flo is your valve sourcing specialist!

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Environmental, Social and Governance


Environmental factors measure a company’s impact on the environment. They are based on the premise that business activities have the potential to create environmental risks for ecosystems, water, air and human health, and Companies should employ measures to mitigate such risks as much as possible.  Pro-Flo’s operations do not consume a significant amount of electricity or water. Nonetheless, we take measures to ensure that we conserve when possible.  Additionally, Pro-Flo’s commitment to environmental responsibility is primarily achieved through developing relationships with partners that have ESG platforms which ensure that their operations do not harm wildlife or the environment.


Pro-Flo cares about people! This is demonstrated in all of our interactions with our employees, our customers & business partners, our suppliers and our local community. Through socially-focused actions and initiatives, Pro-Flo attempts to positively impact our employees and the society in which we live and work. Pro-Flo has a small workforce but supports workplace diversity. Pro-Flo does not make distinction due to race, age, gender, marital status, religion or ethnicity and expects the same of its customers and suppliers.


Governance factors focus on corporate policies and the oversight given to the Company. Pro-Flo maintains a strong governance model, which we believe is necessary to provide comfort to all stakeholders that the Company is being properly supervised and directed. Pro-Flo’s commitment to a strong governance model is achieved through tight fiscal and operational controls as well as the right “tone at the top”: